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Choosing an Australian Labradoodle Breeder

Australian Labradoodles are incredible family dogs. A calm breed, they are awesome with kids and other pets. They are very sociable and friendly. In addition, they love having time with their human families. Also, Australian Labradoodle isn’t your average hybrid and breeders invest their money, time, and dedication in producing this dog, making the dog worth your investment. When buying an Australian Labradoodle, you need to take caution as not all breeders are in business to serve the interests of their clients. If you land on such breeders, you could spend a lot of money on Australian Labradoodles with undesirable traits. This makes it essential for you to investigate the available breeders. Here are some elements you need to pay attention to in order to find the right Australian Labradoodle breeder.

A good breeder should be as interested in their clients as the clients are with them. A great breeder should expect a lot of queries from their clients and be patient in responding to them. In turn, the breeder is also to be interviewing the client because he or she wants to ensure that their dogs are going to a suitable home. They ought to ask about your daily life, request to meet the entire family and ask about the amount of time you have to commit to your dog. If a breeder is not asking you plenty of queries about the way you’re going to care for your dog, take this as a red flag.

The right breeder should welcome you to his or her kennel. A regarded breeder will happily let you observe where she or he raises his or her dogs. She/he will be proud of the spotless spaces his/her dogs live in, which must also have ample space for the puppies to move about comfortably. In addition, a great breeder will ensure that their pups have safe and comfortable access to outdoor and indoor spaces.

The breeder should let you meet parent dogs. Meeting the parents of the puppy you are considering will give you some ideas about the type of breeder you are dealing with. Sociable, happy parents are a great indicator that this breeder takes great care of their dogs. It could be impossible to meet both parents but whoever you meet, you will get valuable info.

Great breeders tell their clients how many litters they breed per dog annually. Generally speaking, a dog must not be bred more than one time per year, and absolutely not more than two times. The number of litters produced each year can depend on the number of dogs and the amount of space a breeder has. However, the number should not be too big such that the breeder cannot accord them the care they need.

Your breeder should be well-acquainted with the breed. Make sure the breeder in question can effortlessly give details about the Australian Labradoodle breed’s temperament, preferred traits, and common ailments that emanate from poor procreation practices. In addition, he/she should be aware of the genetic history of the breed of your puppy.

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