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Top Guidelines for Nesting Box Success
When it is time to put up the nest for birds, there are essential aspects to consider to make this task successful. During this time, many birds scout during the winter and springtime, looking for places to nest. During that time is the ideal time to start nesting. Always make sure that you make sufficient preparations. There are multiple places where you can buy quality nesting boxes. Some stores specialize in offering those products, and this may include you can build your nest or buy from the national wildlife catalogue, among others. When buying your nesting box, it is essential to ensure that it is not only decorative but also functional. You have to consider the type of bird species you are targeting so that you can purchase the ideal nest. It is very stressful for you to invest in a nesting box, and instead of being used by the right birds, it ends up being occupied by invaded exotic types of birds.
Where you’re buying or building a nesting box, there are some essential factors to consider to ensure that the nesting is a success. Keep reading below and learn,
Consider your tenant. There are different bird species, and they have different needs. Therefore when building or purchasing the nesting box, you have to ensure that it is customized to suit that particular species’ needs. Some birds like wood ducks, owls, woodpeckers, wrens, swallows etc., will need nesting. Therefore when choosing your nesting option, ensure that the particular species you’re targeting is available in your area. If you want further details, consult with the national wildlife experts because they have this information regarding most of the birds available in that region. You can also check the national geographic websites for further details and ensure that you choose the best nest box.
Always consider quality. You want a conducive habitat for your birds. You should ensure that you find the best and safe material for the birds. Most nesting boxes are designed with wood. Ensure that the wood is thick enough to ensure that the nest is well insulated. In addition, the wood should not be sprayed with preservatives. This can be toxic to the birds. The nest box should be fitted with drainage holes at the bottom and sufficient ventilation.
The location of your nest also matters. Different bird specials have different preferences regarding where you place the nest. There are specific rules for you to follow when placing the nest. First, install the nesting box strategically where birds can enter and leave freely. The nest should not be placed under direct sunlight. Instead, place it under a good shade. The nest should be at least 6 feet above the ground so that you can protect the birds from prey. Reinforce the safety and security of your birds. Some predators, including snakes, raccoons, and wild and domestic cats, will always find a way to access the birds’ nests. The best thing is to enhance the security of the nest. Avoid including perches in the nesting box. Also, the entrance hole should be the right size so that the birds to move freely.

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